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 usefull .iso tools..... download

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PostSubject: usefull .iso tools..... download   Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:37 am

Here are the .iso tools which we use to copy and burn games...

to copy a 360 game you need a kreon encrypted dvd-drive e.g samsung (i had one for sale a while ago)

for burning games that you have downloaded for instance you might use say imgburn (best burning software available).....

over the next few posts i will post the latest xbox 360 tools which you are free to download from rapidshare..

here is a link to all the software compressed into one .rar file


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PostSubject: Schtrom360Xtract.........   Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:39 am

Download availible in the .iso tools pack

Schtrom360Xtract is used to backup XBOX360 and XBOX1 game discs in one step.

Version 3.4 Release Date 18.11.2007
- tray eject for SH-D163A does work now
- progress bar won't move beyond 100% anymore
- default.xex and default.xbe are deleted from the temp folder before and after the CRC check,
this may have caused wrong XEX/XBE checksums
- added support for kreon's new SH-D162D and SH-D163B fw
- Drive Get Feature List was changed to support the additional XBOX1 features, because
kreon splittet the XBOX1 and XBOX360 features support
- presets were added for the new drives in the options dialog and Schtrom360Xtract.ini,
because of that it is recommended to delete the old ini and use the new one with V3.4
- new stealth.ini added

Version 3.3 Release Date 17.08.2007
- new extraction style "whole disc (stealth xtreme 3.0 SplitVid)", this splits the video
part for layer 0 and layer 1, this seems to be the most exact method to extract an image
- new extraction styles for both video layers (videoL0.iso and videoL1.iso)
- extraction of both video layers from a "SplitVid" style image
- you can take a stealth xtreme 3.0 style backup disc and extract a new "SplitVid" style image
directly from it
- you can extract the SplitVid video layers from a xtreme 3.0 image and inject them into the same
image later to convert it to SplitVid
- get region code directly from a disc
- the region code check gets also the game name based on the Media ID and the stealth.ini file
- save XDVDFS image and disc layout to a lyt file
- fixed XDVDFS XTR extraction, problems of some images like Star Trek Legacy
- fixed options dialog, custom drive letter is not loaded from ini
- fixed inquiry detection of SH-D163A without kreon firmware
- on extraction to non NTFS partitions only a warning msg is displayed, the task is not aborted
- xdvdfs wildcard extraction changed, use the following:
- for a complete extraction leave the Wildcards edit control blank
- for exact extraction
- "\default.xex", only extract default.xex or Default.xex from the specified root path "\"
- for wildcard extraction
- "*.xml", extract all xml files and create the needed subfolders in the destination path
- "*panel*.x?l", extract all panel files that have the extension x?l
- new stealth check function under the "Tools" menu, this should be used every time before burning an image
- stealth and crc32 check of images and backup discs possible
- the stealth.ini contains stealth verification data of most games out atm, after the stealth and crc check
of an image/disc the result is compared against the stealth.ini entries to find a match, if a match is
found you can be 100 % sure that the image/disc is completely stealth
- if there is no match found in the stealth.ini you can add the unknown image as a user entry
- stealth verification user entries can be exported/imported from/to the stealth.ini, this maybe helpful in the
future to keep the database up to date

Version 3.2 Release Date 26.02.2007
- extraction speed up, caused by increasing the block size extracted in one loop from
16 to 32 sectors, the following applies for XBOX360 discs extracted with "whole disc
(stealth xtreme 3.0)" style extraction
- on the SH-D162C extraction at 16x speed takes 08:33 minutes, V3.1 09:58 minutes
- on the TS-H943A extraction at 12x speed takes 15:03 minutes, V3.1 16:20 minutes
- images have the iso extension
- predefined filter values for file dialogs removed, you can choose any file (*.*)
- removed annoying message boxes on cancel file dialogs
- titles of predefined custom cdb commands are now listed in ini file order
- options for block and single sector re-reads set to 20 as default, sector mapping
for XBOX1 is turned on as default
- DeviceIoControl is now checked for returned status and the returned sense from the drive,
this should give better error detection
- fixed Star Trek Legacy and Fusion Frenzy 2 issue, the sizes of video and game partition
are now calculated from the pfi and the alternative pfi in the ss, this should give a
working image on future games with a different video or game partition size
- options dialog now remembers the last active drive and disc type
- check for NTFS file system on file extractions greater 4 GBs
- any DVD-ROM drive is now displayed in the drive combo box
- extraction of backup discs supported on kreon's drives and normal DVD-ROM drive
- on the TS-H943A backup extraction is not possible, cause the drive disables 0800 mode
on insertion of a backup disc at least for me

Version 3.1 Release Date 03.11.2006
- sector mapping implemented for XBOX1
- xtreme v4.0 and later new unlock command supported for ms28
- support for SH-D163A
- show SH-D162C and SH-D163A only if the drive responds to the get drive feature cdb
- check for disc in drive on extraction
- the region code of an image or game.iso can be checked
- extract files from an image file with the new XDVDFS XTR tool -] thanks for the
inspiring source to Team PI Coder

Version 3.0 Release Date 04.10.2006
- extraction speed on SH-D162C is now 10 minutes for Xbox360 discs
- app also starts if no supported drive is found (to do image extraction/injection)
- on cancel the incomplete extracted file can be deleted
- support of kreon's GetFeatureList command, to check if the firmware of SH-D162C supports
c/r data extraction, this is also available from the tools menu
- send custom cdb commands to drive can be used from the tools menu to send all possible
cdb's to the drive
- we added predefined cdb presets
- you can add your own custom cdb presets which are saved in the Schtrom360Xtract.ini file
- the hexdisplay can be saved to a file
- sector re-read settings can now be changed per drive type and disc type, this could be
important if your discs are scratched or if you have problems extracting XBOx1 games
- if your SH-D162C or compatible drive isn't detected you can configure a custom drive in
the options menu, the choosen drive type determines how the drive is handeled by the app,
so if you have problems detecting the SH-D192C or compatible drives configure this to be
SH-D162C and choose the mapped system drive letter
- on problems you can activate a debug log and a ss debug log
- the debug log logs the extraction process
- the ss debug log logs only ss extraction and writes down the important sections of the
ss like c/r data
- the logs reside in the program directory
- the extraction debug log is named Schtrom360Xtract.log
- the ss debug log is named SSDebug.log
- if read errors occur a msg is displayed where you can continue writing blank sectors or
abort extraction, after the extraction is finished the complete number of errors is
displayed for blocks (16 sectors * 2048 bytes) and single sectors (1 sector * 2048 bytes)
- all available ini settings can be edited in the options dialog
you can set the following global values:
- debug mode on or off
- ss debug mode on or off
- sound on or off
- custom drive type
you can set the following drive and disc specific values:
- eject tray after extraction yes or no
- speed boost on or off
- max read speed and idle speed of the drives
- single sector read on error can be turned on or off
- the number of block and sector re-reads on error
- added kreon firmware revision level in drive combo box for SH-D162C
- common control style for windows xp added

Version 2.1 Release Date 01.09.2006
- now extracts video.iso, pfi.bin and dmi.bin for xtreme 3.0 style images
- also tested with xtreme V3.2
- single extraction of video.iso, pfi.bin, dmi.bin, ss.bin and game.iso supported
- the extraction can be done from original discs, copied discs and image files
- two whole disc extraction methods:
- xtreme 3.0 style (video.iso, pfi.bin, dmi.bin)
- xtreme 2.0 style (blank.iso, no pfi.bin, no dmi.bin)
- injection of video.iso, pfi.bin, dmi.bin, ss.bin and game.iso to an image
- automatic detection of Xbox1 or Xbox360 game discs depending on the size
- stealth checks added for Xbox1 and Xbox360 copied discs and images by acidflash
- DVD-ROM support for USB SH-D162C by acidflash

Version 2.0 Release Date 10.08.2006
- now also enumerates Samsung TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162C drive letter
- you must flash with kreon's firmware first
- at the moment there is no full security sector extraction possible with this drive, there
are 69 bytes difference to a "real" security sector from the Xbox360 drive
- extraction of Xbox1 games should now be possible
- be warned, I had no way to test this, so it would be nice if anybody can confirm this works
- if the "game data visible"-function fails, extraction continues
- I never had this problem so some testing would be nice
- now you can also copy defective sectors on discs that for example are scratched
- in my tests I never had any read errors on Xbox360 discs, neither on the SH-D162C nor the
Xbox360 drive
- extraction time is now displayed in the status bar
- image files are named in ascending order from IMAGE1.000 to IMAGE999.000
- you don't have to move the image files if you want to extract another one
- last but not least the extraction speed increases dramatically with this release
- in my tests a complete Xbox360 image was extracted within 15 minutes on the SH-D162C
- many many thanks to blackpanther who helped me a lot on the extraction routine, he's a great
programmer and it's a pleasure for a noob like me to work with such a master of C++!!!

Version 1.0 Release Date 31.07.2006
- enumerates Xbox360 TSSTcorp DVD-ROM TS-H943A drive letter
- creates the CloneCD image desciptor file IMAGE.dvd for the layer break
- creates blank360.iso
- extracts security sector (ss.bin)
- makes game data visible
- extracts dvd sectors (game.iso)
- merges blank360.iso, ss.bin and game.iso to the CloneCD image file IMAGE.000

curtosy of
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PostSubject: Xbox/Xbox360 Image SS Extractor/Patcher   Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:40 am

This Graphical tool to easily calculate the right address to patch
your xbox game images with your own Security Sector file. It also
does the patching process more easy and fast.

You can also extract the SS if you have the image already patched.
(I dont know if this is useful for somebody but anyway does it)

Supports raw images created with swap method and also images created
with concatenated partitions.

Added Support for browse, extract and replace files for XBOX Raw dumps,
the browser supports also XBOX Game (xbox Partition only) and 360 Game
(xbox 360 Partitions only).

This app is for those who wants to create a game image to play with
the Commodore4eva hacked firmware

Example of use:
a) Open your created image (with dvd swap or with concatenation of video+game+ss, it doesn matter)
b) If you have the .dvd file it will load the layerbreak value, if not just type it
c) Go to Image Options-]Patch Image...
d) Pick your SS file (leave other values on default) and click patch...

Note: If you are using the Arakon's tutorial, dont do the step of calculating where the security sector is... let my tool calculate it (with the example above shown)

Version 1.3
- Added Image Browser feature, now you can browse, extract and replace files contained into image
- Browser supports XBOX Raw Dump (video + game partitions), XBOX Image (only xbox partition) and XBOX 360 Image (only 360 partition)
- Couple of bugs fixed

Note: The browser feature it is just for experiment with replacing files, make a backup of your original image just in case.
If you are using the browser feature to edit (replace files) dont replace signed files as .xbe and other because your backup will not boot, and please dont create cheat maps for the games.
The browser does not support latest releases of PI group and others because they are created as Nero Iso's not RAW dumps.

Version 1.2
- Layerbreak will be considered as the last PSN of layer 0
(previous versions works fine but have the concept wrong because CloneCD shows the layerbreak+1 as the layerbreak).

- Added "Drive Tools" section to support:
- eject-tray
- close-tray
- stop-spin
- start-spin
- retrieve Security Sector from original game (of course you will need a xbox samsung drive flashed with 605b0800.bin attached to your pc)
- Read Dvd structure (for retrieving last_psn and layerbreak values)
- Launch of The Specialist unlocker (credit goes to him)

Version 1.1
- Redesigned (more easy) interface
- Added auto-calculation of LAST_PSN based on layerbreak
- Option to "Trim" an image eliminating unused space
- Option to create a new image combining video+game+security_sector
- Posibility to patch any file you want at any location you want
- Posibility to extract any sector (PSN or LBA) that you want
- Use with caution

Version 1.0
- 1st Release

- If you does not understand any field leave the default value.
- This app does not contain copyrighted code from M$
- You must supply your own game image and your own Security Sector file
- No warranties from any kind. Tested only on Win XP

- To create a Raw Image with swap:
by Arakon

- To create a Concatenated partitions image (faster):
by Bluecop
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PostSubject: Re: usefull .iso tools..... download   Sat Mar 29, 2008 7:20 am

thanks for sharing these here.... great post
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PostSubject: Re: usefull .iso tools..... download   Sat Mar 29, 2008 8:54 am

i will try and find tutorials for people who want to flash their xbox 360 console
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PostSubject: Re: usefull .iso tools..... download   Sat Mar 29, 2008 9:20 am

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PostSubject: Re: usefull .iso tools..... download   

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usefull .iso tools..... download
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